How Linkin Park began my music career


It was 2000 when the first LP album came out, and I was only 3 years old (1997) so I can’t say I’m their #1 fan, but when I got a CD player for my birthday the first CD I ever listened to was Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. In fact, I loved the CD so much I listened to the album everyday until I finally got Meteora when I was 10 years old. At this point I knew I wanted to pursue a passion in music so my grandma enrolled me for private piano classes from her friend and I learned how to play piano so well I played the hardest songs from the Suzuki book at the recitals and felt like I was making a good start. As time passed, my parents getting divorced, my autistic brother trying to attack me everyday, and other loads of depression I began to truly realize just exactly why this band motivated me to get into music. There’s something so ego dissolved and accepting about their music even the biggest outcast can find a home. I learned how to play 3 instruments in middle school, and in high school I learned 5 more. My music teacher was always impressed with my abilities and everyone looked at me like an idiot when I told them “Linkin Park is my favorite band and the reason I began music” I get scoffed at as they make fun of their pop hits like What Ive Done, In the End, Crawling, etc.

Honestly it never phased me. This band resonated in a real part of my heart and soul, and i memorized all the lyrics to every song they came out with. I was even listening to their unreleased album
(the underground tapes) alot as well. As many see Linkin Parks album discography as a steady downfall, Ive witnessed it as an amazing journey for Mike and Chester. Each album has been a unique project with tasteful lyrical content that is relatable, but at the same time trying to speak a message to the people.

I listened all the way up to Hunting Party and still saw experimental potential for amazing work in the future, even though I had mixed feeling about certain sections. Nonetheless I loved it like every other LP album, and had no doubt of their art capabilities, I didnt see a limit, but I noticed they went very electronic then back to rock. Now I was okay with all of this, especially since it still fitted the genres audience they were making music for.

The newest album… I dont even know the name. I heard the song on the radio and the moment they went Pop I felt a huge anchor on my soul. I was confused… but you know what. Its still honest. Yeah sure I dont personally like the pop genre, but for a pop album and what they were going for, they succeeded. I still had so much hope and this fire was burning through my musical passion.

Then I heard the news from my friend minutes after the news leaked. My first reply “LOL stop screwing with me.” Of course after I realized it wasnt a joke It felt like I couldn’t even move. I was looking through the screen in front of me and into my head where I saw a serious rolemodel figure of mine disappear. Chester was genuine, he was kind to the people he met, never once did I ever think this man was anything but love. Yet, he felt so much pain and let it all out in his music. He made me realize something very important about myself, that even though we may not be perfect people, and we have to go through pain, it doesnt make us bad people. It makes us unfortunate, and I see his suicide not as him being a bad person, but him being the victim to his own mental illness. Its not a kind of illness that is always serious, but depression can seriously affect some more than others. Even after this incident, I still full heartedly mean every word when I say Linkin Park and Chesters pain helped me not take my own life. Ive had suicide attempts, ive been in dark dark depths of the mind you dont want to get sucked under, and it will numb out your thinking to the point you dont want to live…

…but when I hear some of their best work, it lifts me up to a higher place. Truly. It lets me know that not everyone in this world is just an egotistical power hungry sheep asleep just thirsty to make money. (Not to sound rude sorry).Bands like Linkin Park completely recognize the power of music and how it can heal the people who truly resonate and listen to it.

I made this post because they released the music video for “Enth E Nd” and given that Reanimation is my favorite LP album of all time, I just wanted to leave some type of message to Mike that he is the reason I even rap.

Yes I rap and sing. Ive practiced every day for the past 3 years, dedicated to flow. I memorized High Voltage when I was 13 and I still rap it perfectly to this day and it gets me hyped. Tracks like When They Come For Me and Bleed It Out really expressed Mike Shinodas heart really well. Lyrically a track like Enth E Nd is very inspiring to me, showing a true piece of art. Proof that all great songs are left unfinished, and the remix even gave us a mental update on Mike, which everytime I hear the 3rd verse it gives me goosebumps.

It feels like I could talk forever… but seriously
I love you Mike, you’re a for real hero to me

R.I.P. Chester Bennington, a timeless idol that will be remembered as a pinnacle singing part of punk rock and hip hop history

Love this band
LPU for life

~Justin Basquez
Aka “Cymatic”