How long are Mike's live shows in the Post Traumatic Tour


I was wondering about he duration of Mike’s one-man shows on his Post Traumatic Tour.

I can understand they must not be as long as linkin parks full fledged long shows…just curious as I plan to attend some of his concerts in Europe :slight_smile:


I attended Mike’s NYC show at Gramercy Theater; from the note of the first song to the concluding notes of the last song (including small intervals when Mike spoke to the crowd about certain things), the show’s approximate duration was 1 hr 35 min. Hope this provides perspective :smiley:


Hey thanks a lot !..
Hope there are meet and greets on his upcoming shows :slight_smile:


It depends if it’s a headline/club show or a festival. He usually has about 40-45min sets in festivals compared to the hour (sometimes longer) sets when he’s the one headlining.


I hope he plans something special for cologne! :smile:

I think it will be about 1 h 15 min or so… like the NYC show! Pretty excited!


Thanks for your replies guys…also i was wondering if Mike will do Meet & Greets for the upcoming shows. As of now there is no update on the LPU website…