How many lp concerts have you been?


my first lp concert was last month. although I am already fan since 2000. shame on me :wink:


I’ve been to 4 LP concerts :smiley: my first concert was seeing them in 2007 and I’ve been a fan since 2002.


I’ve seen them in 2008 and 2011. Got tickets for next summer


Seen them 4 times so far.


only one so far… but it will change :wink:


I’ve been in five shows! :wink:


I was on my first concert in November.


i have been 7 shows so far


Twice - 2014 - Wroclaw and Vienna


Only once unfortunatelly, back in 2012. Best night in my life ^^


16 times and counting. I’m going to 7 shows this winter for the north america tour


I envy you :smiley: I hope that next year I will be on concert again