How many LPUers are there from Italy?


Ok, now I MUST know what’s the meaning of Bataliano :joy:


:joy: @framos1792 I let you have the honour to explain it… wake up now and come here!! :laughing:


Weird man who believe he’s batman, but instead he is a dancing onion with two care bear as friends :wink:

Visit The Chat Room for more information :wink:


In a time long, long ago… there was a battle between friends in the LPU forum :fog: battles raged on and people were made fun of… one more courageous and awesome than the others was made fun of for being a masked vigilante in the dark of night… :milky_way: the others turned it aginst him and attempted to make fun of him for it however they realized not what they had done…

Aaaand so there’s nothing too special about Bataliano besides that I was trying to be a dork and mix italiano and Batman together and bataliano sounded so cool :sunglasses::crazy_face:


I wouln’t have explained it better… :grin:


I’m working on a video, stay tuned :sunglasses::crazy_face::joy:

I’m kidding about my video :roll_eyes::lying_face::crazy_face:


Your first dancing routine video? :face_vomiting:


Does it count if I used to live in Rome, but not any more…??? I still visit Italy every now and then.


Nice! What a pity you’re not here anymore… :frowning:


Since 2008, Rome became like a second home to me. I came back many times and I’ll come back again when I can :sunny:


Guys do you think there will be a M&G contest soon for the Italian dates?


Usually there are infos about it few days/ weeks before the show… I’d say to wait a bit more… :wink: :hugs:


Yeah…the important thing is that he will do it!


Yup! have faith! :wink: :blush: :hugs::grin:


anvedi fratello te stai a magna tutte e fettuccine


Wait! Waaaaait!! We have another Italian soldier here!! :grin: :tada:

Ciaoooo!! :sun_with_face:


:crazy_face: I recognized fratello :joy:


:joy: :rofl:
Ok, I’ll start speak my language so you can’t understand anything!! Muahahahahaaa :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


Why would you do that? :sob: teach me instead :star_struck: so we can speak together hehehe


Okaaaaay I’ll be sweet and nice :angel: :blush: