How many LPUers are there from Italy?


If you want, she can add you to our Italian group in WA. We use to talk a bit in Italian.


You are a man of culture as well


Wait, whaaaa? :sweat_smile::joy:
If you mean refined and classy, I’m the opposite :sweat_smile:



Yeah, a brainless onion who uses Google translate to pretend to be cool :confused:


Actually I did not need google translate for any of this :smirk_cat: you’re the one that looks every word up muahahahahaha


Just some of them :stuck_out_tongue: but hey! Everyone does that sometimes.


Try using google Translate for a scientific publication, than comes the big laugh. Especially if you are working in fruit growing. Try looking for a peach cultivar/variety called “Pink Lady”. Big mistake trying to find info about this cultivar in front of my boss. Quite an embarrassment - I had to explain to him how a search engine works :slight_smile:


In Italy there’s an apple called like that… :grin:


It is true, and it not bad also :slight_smile: Actually the name is popular - just like Regina and Starkrimson


Got it! Your job must be so cool :grin: :yum:


True, it is the best for me, but it is not well paid in Rome my salary as scientist was 1000 euro/month in Bulgaria is between 200-400 euro/month


Yeah, agreed… that’s one of the reasons why scientists go to the USA…


Oh no, I am staying here in the Old World. No place like home. If we can do it with less or no money, than we can feed the world :slight_smile: Right …???


Right :blush:


Did someone say Italian? :raising_hand_woman:t4:‍♀ :it: I’m here!

Woah I’m 9 days later, how could I miss this thread? Also welcome to the LP Family @laisa92!


Because you were busy calculating the speed of the soldiers and the drops! :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


:joy::joy::joy: I was so focused that when I finished I totally forgot about what I put and thought I wrote the opposite :rofl:


Grazie!!! :smile:


Ciaooooooo :wave:t2:


Ciaooo!! Benvenuta/o ! :sun_with_face: :smile: