How many musicians we have in the house?


How many musicians we have in the house?

I sure remember this phrase from Live in Texas when Chester states to have been on the crowd and now being on top of the world.

Chester: How many musicians we have in the house? good luck to everyone of you guys man. We were on the other side of the barricade a few years ago, man. Coming to these shows, seeing our favorite bands and having the dreams. Just persevere, believe in yourself. One day you’ll be up here with us. Or Metallica or Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Mudvayne.

Now, i don’t know a whole lot of LP fans since most ppl goes like “i’ve heard ‘In The End’ and ‘Numb’, those are great songs”…

I think that’s a silly answer, i mean, sure they are but you don’t know LP’s music if you only heard the Hybrid Theory or Meteora, for what i’ve seen, they always go and try something new each time to keep finding ways to express themselves and delivering those universal emotions they try to share, like, recording a tune in their phones and sending it out between them, meeting up and mashing up a shit-load of ideas to end up creating examples of creativity and expression mixed on a lot of emotions that can be felt on the beat…

That have inspired me quite a few times to keep trying new in different ways, musically i still try to find a path myself by trying new, however i still wonder, how many musicians we have in the house? and how have LP inspired you so far?

Share yourself…


The first time I saw Live in Texas, and heard him say those words, I was blown away by the simplicity of his statement. Texas was a good & lucky crowd :smiley:


I know, right?
God bless video cameras, and america and Arizona, and Phoenix city, and Bennington family, specially Chester… #teamchester hahaha


God bless us everyone, We’re a broken people living under loaded gun.


It’s just too sweet how supportive LP is towards other musicians in general. Like for instance, I noticed on my concert ticket for LP in Amsterdam last year that they didn’t call Mice Of Men a supporting act or opening act but a guest star. Guest star sounds a whole lot nicer than opening act or supporting act, in my opinion.

But to be more on topic and to answer your question. Yeah, I guess we have some musicians in the house.

My story in a nutshell: I wanted to sing ever since I was a kid. And I loved singing along with Chester, rapping along with Mike. I still do, it’s quite fun to sing certain parts in your own style. .I tried to start up and join several music projects in my teens and tweens. And then I got older and kind of… Thought it was done for.

But seeing how devoted the guys in LP are, how they just keep on going despite of whatever… Well, that’s just so inspiring. And so I tried out for a small church band last year, after not having touched a microphone in public for at least 10 years. I “perform” every Sunday. It’s the best thing ever. I thank God for LP, I seriously do.

BTW: Someone asked the same thing in this thread: Any music artists/ song writers?


Damn… i guess my conversation is dead now… hahaha


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kill the conversation… :disappointed:


Glad to see that there are more people who are interested to find other musicians.
I’m making music too, and Linkin Park was and still is a massive inspiration!
Started drumming to Mr. Rob Bourdon’s drums since I discovered LP :wink: Breaking the habit was one of the first songs I learned on piano. Got my first guitar and played the first view chords along to crawling, What I’ve done and stuff.

I guess they even influence me in my own music, because everything you see, hear and feel leaves a trace.
So take a listen to my newest track:


Was just joking @Gatsie however is not like i had a lot of answers… haha
@OLi_LPU is deep and has a few nature sounds plus the 3d effect you gave it with the pan, sure is nive, i felt like having a trip onto the jungle meeting the tribe, good job mate ~
i’ll upload some of my work latr so you can have a check to it


I play guitar, piano, program beats and play real drums, and sing (try to at least). On the side, I like to DJ though I don’t know what I’m doing. Of course LP is an inspiration but I’m not at the level of any of the guys. At best, I can play piano at about Mike’s skill level but that’s about it. And he can play all the other instruments, including drums, and he can draw and is a decent producer/engineer. Not fair!!


I’m kind of a new musician (if I’m at that level anways, to call myself that). I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument since I was very young but my parents thought it was a waste of time and money so they never really let me take lessons or buy an instrument to learn on my own…
At about the age of 15 I started to really get into music (how bands work -management like- and how concerts are put together or types of gear various artists use, that kind of stuff) but when I was 18, I said what the hell, I can do this whether my parents like it or not so I went ahead a bought me a really cheap beginner’s acoustic guitar. Long story short, I can now play guitar, bass and a little bit of piano (I can’t coordinate both my hands yet but I find it very easy to figure songs I like out on the piano better than I do on guitar)… and I’m self taught lol. Basically my parents have accepted the fact that music is my life at this point and they support me. And since I already knew some stuff about managing and all that (and since it is my major) I’m going away when I graduate to study music management and actually work in the business. I’ve already done a few stuff with small bands (both in my counrty and internationally) and I love it. It’s my way of doing what I love, it’s pretty awesome how a little determination and willingness to do stuff you like without thinking of what others might say can actually define your life. (sorry if it’s too long :P)


Hey everyone,

I created a new Song. It’s for those people who would like to listen to music without any rules of structures. It’s already Part 2, so if you like it check out my Part 1. Thank you for listening;)


I write lyrics and also records, but not professionally, just for fun lol. I have listed a couple of songs on my site, of course don’t go too hard on me, they aren’t the best quality xD, you can check them out here:


Hey, guys! I’m a musician from Chile.
Its great to remember what Chester said in the Live in Texas show. Since I was 11 that I started to learn and write music, and LP has been inspiring me since the beggining to challenge myself into creating music.

Here is a sample of my latest work, the album is called “White Wolf”, and this is the playlist of the singles so far.