How many shows are you attending?


hi I was wondering how many of you are attending more than one LP show when the guys are in Europe :slight_smile: I’m from Poland and I’m gonna see them here but I’m also seeing them in Düsseldorf and I got a ticket to see Fort Minor in Berlin as well! I’m so excited it’s the first time I’m gonna see them so many times during one tour it’s gonna be amazing!!!


Though I can’t see LP in Europe, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to see them when they come back to the U.S. for a special Halloween related concert that’ll happen in Tempe, Arizona on November 1st.


2 LP shows in Shanghai.


the last two shows in mexico city, 2012 and 2015, haha! i wouldnt be able if i try to go to the first they had at mexico in 2002 with KORN, i was 3 years old haha im 16 by the way


Lucky bastards. I really want to see LP live in Europe, especially with Fort Minor. But yeah… Here’s me hoping for them to fart in Amsterdam. :smiley:


i am glad u asked. Apologies for shamelessly showing off…i will see LP show for the first time ever…i will c fort minor in berlin plus i will see LP in Vienna, berlin, düsseldorf and finally in Rome

yep i got greedy :relieved::fist:t3:


We will be seeing all three shows in Germany plus Fort Minor in Berlin :slight_smile: