How much time after m&g until the show starts?


Hi, I’m going to see my first LP show and I want to get a place not too far away from the stage. But I’m also going to sign in for a m&g.

My fear is, that the m&g will happen just before the show starts, so that I can’t get a place near the stage afterwards.

Does anybody know, when the m&g usually take place? Is it before the support band plays or just before LP starts playing? How many time remains afte the meeting? Thx


The M&G with LP usually takes place during the other bands’ performances, so you may miss seeing one or both of them waiting to get in to the M&G. At the Mansfield show, which I went to, they held the M&G during the 30 Seconds to Mars set, and that took place about an hour and a quarter before their own showtime; what time remains to you after that depends largely on when you manage to obtain the last signature on your item, since you’re more or less expected to head back out after that. For the band, I’d say they’d have at least 15~20 minutes after they were done with the M&G before they had to get on stage.


Meet up time for a M&G is like 7:50PM (that’s what ours was in Tampa), but you have to wait until Lorenzo & crew escorts you to the M&G location (or lets you in, depends) so to give you an idea:

Got inside the venue, went to GA. Watched AFI (few songs, can’t remember how many)
Looked for the M&G meet up location that was said in the email
Waited until Lorenzo & crew picked us up
VIP M&G people go in first, lottery people go in second, so you have to wait for the VIP people to be done. in our case, we were still waiting pretty far from the M&G location and were just waiting until we could go to the location (escorted, of course) during the waiting though 30STM goes on and you’ll miss part of their performance.
When LPU crew get lottery people you wait outside the area the M&G takes place (just like 2min or so) and they let you in, just LPU people here and then they take your pic (without band) and then with the band (they come out and everyone cheers)
You get lined up and the band go around to sign your stuff / talk to you
afterward the M&G ends and you can rush to GA and see 30STM but the ending (10, 15 min? idk didn’t count minutes lol)… you’ll have to push yourself to get any closer.

Yep that’s it. Hope that helped. Sorry it was a bit long. XD



So it’s not possible to have a M&G and First Row?


Ok, thanks for all your answers. I’m prepared to find my way back to front area :wink:


I was in the M&G and got to the very front of the pit by the end of the show. Mike and I shared a moment when he came down and shook people’s hands in the pit. You just need to know how to get around the pit.

The best thing to do is get right into the pit circles early on in the show when they play a lot of the very active songs. Within the first few songs, I was already pretty close, maybe 6-8 rows of people in front of me. Let the pit bring you forth. Chester came down into the pit a few times which gets you brought right into the front from everyone trying to get closer.



Ok, good advice. Thx :slight_smile: