How old are you?


I just turned 31 tree days ago.
So I just wonder how old you are?
Am I too old?


Same thread here How old are you all / No young LPUers?


Hm, thanks, for some reason it sais, I don’t have access. I don’t know why…?


Oh sorry, thought you were an LPU member.


I’m since Saturday. I have problems with accessing some of the links though. So maybe that is the problem. I’ll try to login again.

edit: Hm, it’s strange. I can go to the other LPU sites at the moment (e.g. the chat). And it sais I’m loged in…


Other people seem to be having this problem with the forums since forever. Apparently they haven’t solved it yet. Try contacting support though and letting them know, they might be able to help.


Ok, thanks.



haha, thanks.


Don’t worry i can not access neither… Well happy birthday jajaja, and you are not old! Don’t worry about that! I’m 26 almost 27 jajaja


I’m 17 years old.


I’m 17 Years old :smiley: .


i am 28 years old and the 16 April i become 29 years older :smiley:


Woo same birthdays! I’m 18


I´m turning 19 next september


I’m 35 years old and i think that i’m not too old. :wink:


I turned 26 in April :slight_smile:


I cant neither, so I think there’s not problem with your account :smile:
Im almost 21 years old :grin:


Thank you all for your responses :).


I’m 27 years old…:blush: