How to check order's venue and date?



I’ve just bought “Backstage + Meet & Greet Package” for one on the upcoming shows. In my acount I can see successful order named “Backstage + Meet & Greet Package”, but where can I check which exactly show this order applies for? What If I had chosen wrong show, or something?


Check your email box :slight_smile:


There are no mentions about the venue and date, just a receipt.
Whom can I contact in order to confirm that information?


I find it pretty odd that none of this info is mentioned anywhere. Can you post a screenshot?

Still though, you purchased one and I assume you didn’t just blindly push buttons, you have got to have chosen the correct date.


I din’t say, that I had actually chosen a wrong venue. I just want to see any confirmation in my account or somewhere else. By this time, the only way that I found to check the venue is to compare LP-VIP-XXXXXX code from the email with the one from shopping cart. So yeah, I my case everything is alright :smiley:

Here is the screenshot from my mailbox:


There you go then, all good :wink:


Yeah, I confirmed the venue using a damn hack :smiley:
Anyway, that’s strange situation at ll, but ok, I can live with that :slight_smile: