How to contact Linkin Park?


Is there anyway to send Chester mail or anything? I want to do it over the Internet. Does anyone know of a fan email or something along those lines?


His Twitter, maybe?


Your only chance is his Twitter. Good luck!


Chester regulary answers questions via Twitter. Try your luck there… his nickname is @chesterbe


I don’t think there’s a fan email or anything, it would be good if there was though! Like others said your best chance is Twitter. I know it’s not over the internet like you want but I think your best chance of getting something to him like a letter or whatever you’d send is probably handing something to him to look at a later point at a meet and greet or something. I saw quite a few people giving him thinks like letters at the M&G I was at in June. Anyway, I hope you are able to be in contact with him somehow sooner or later! :smile:


Maybe Twitter… Or a LPU Chat… But it’s more hard XD