How to get more points for the LPU Store?


Hey guise!
About the points…
How can you get more? I don’t get it.$

I achieved everything i could achieve, and now i’m stuck at 1,334 points…
Since long long time.
I really got no idea how to earn more points… it doesn’t matter if i add some friends, i just stay at 1,334.
Could someone help me? It kinda disturbs me ^^

People that joined later than me have even more points! Some people do even have 5.000 points… Meh.

So yeah :smiley: Thanks for da help in advance!

(How is it even possible to get 5.000 points?? haha :D)


You get points for many things. From logging in after not being here awhile to replying to blogs. I am not sure of all the ways you can, but it’s based on being social on many levels.

Moving this to support forum.


Can you really get points for logging in after a long time?


This might help:

Sign up: 1 pts
Be a member for 5 days: 50 pts
Be a member for a month: 100 pts
Be a member for a year: 500 pts
Have 5 friends: 50 pts
Have 15 friends: 100 pts
Have 50 friends: 500 pts
Creating a blog: 10 pts
Comment on a blog: 1 pts
Comment on a profile: 1 pts



manipulating the point system is frowned upon. Do not do it.