How to support Music for Relief Day on February 19


Mike was in Haiti for the third anniversary of the horrible earthquake there. He shared some pictures on Instagram and apparently the situation there is catastrophic especially considering that the area was hit by Hurricane Sandy. Cholera is a huge issue and I think we should help again!

Not Alone was officially released on February 19, 2010 as part of the first Download to Donate project. Let’s celebrate the third anniversary with the first “Music for Relief Day”!
First, because from now on, we are gonna do it every year!

This is what you have to do:

  • Use this fundraiser page to donate. The amount is not important. Even little money can help! Important is that EVERYONE donates! Please use this page so we can see how much money MfR Day has raised in total! You can donate with PayPal, but remember to transfer your donation to Paypal a few days before, so that your account is ready on February 19!

The goal is $1,000, so every donation - no matter how small - is needed! I think we have a strong community here and we can use this to help people in need!

Spread the word!

  • Share the link of the fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • Post the following banners on Facebook

For all LPUers who have volunteered for Music for Relief before concerts & Summits:

Please send me a brief report/story about your volunteering experience. Brief = a few sentences to half a page. Maybe you have experienced something special or met special persons? Please include your name (first name/Twitter/LPU name is sufficient), when and where you volunteered!

Send to:

For all (hobby) artists:

Design a Music for Relief Poster! This can be super professional or a drawing/painting just for fun. Don’t be shy, whatever your creative mind thinks up will be great!

Send to:

Thank you for supporting this event no matter how! This event is really important for me, since it isn’t just a little game to entertain us, but it could really help people who have to suffer!


I’m in the middle of both MFR and Mike’s pieces for you, but soon as I get my laptop back I’ll do more than just reTweet :stuck_out_tongue:



[quote=NLopezdeArenosa]I’m in the middle of both MFR and Mike’s pieces for you, but soon as I get my laptop back I’ll do more than just reTweet :stuck_out_tongue:





Thanks for the first donations. We are now at $160! Of course you can already start donating now. No need to wait for Feb 19th!


I wish I could donate, unfortunately my financial situation doesn’t allow me that. [sad] But I’ll see what I can do for help! (sharing, talking about it to more people, etc.)


Don’t worry, Nisrin, sharing and spreading the word like crazy already helps tremendously!


When donating, let her know if you’d like your name to be entered for a drawing to win A Thousand Suns+ (: My extra copy needs a good home!

If you’ve already donated, let us know to add your name (:


Today is the day, guys! DONATE! I will raffle off a $25 gift card for the store to everyone who donates here: