How was your first Linkin park concert?


(Feb. 21) I can’t answer it [sad]

(after Oct. 8) Mine was in Rio de Janeiro on October 8. It was really awesome[exclaim]


It was AMAZING! So much energy and excitement.


Amazing, too many emotions rushing through my body. I still thought I was dreaming when the concert ended. Best experience ever!


It was freaking awesome. One of the best days in my life, especially because it went along with a Meet & Greet.!!


If you’re really interested, I wrote a blog review of my first concert in LPU9 and reposted it here some weeks ago :wink:


It was… WOW. I wasn’t really a fan at the first concert, I had just heard alot about them because my best friend was a fan. I only listened to Minutes of Midnight (some of the songs), but I hadn’t heard the two first albums before 3 weeks before my first concert…

But when I was at the concert in Denmark, October 30th 2010, I was so captivated, I couldn’t stop loving them. I can really understand why they won EMA for best performance some weeks later :wink:

And now I have been to two more concerts, and one meet & greet. I can say the best concert was in Leipzig last year, when I got to stand on second row the most of the concert!


It was in Hamburg 2010 and sooo great :)))))


It was Awesome


My 1st concert was Thursday 11th November 2010,thousand suns tour at the O2,London,England.The best concert ever,totally rocked,can’t wait for them to come back again.


I’m not the same person after that LOL
But seriously, it’s an experience I will never forget


i was nerves the whole time, i couldn’t stop shaking, aside from my sister being there–it was awesome… but it didn’t kick in til i heard ite… yea i know i talk about ite way too much but not really -.-
but yea maybe im not the only one, but when i heard ite live it was like it just dawned on me that… i am seeing them perform in front of me :3


My friend asked me to go see them with her, so I agreed. I was blown away. I went in just expecting a good concert and left with a new obsession. This was back when LP was opening for Limp Bizkit and Metallica…I hardly even remember their sets at all because I was still thinking about Linkin Park. So ultimately…best decision ever to go to the show.


[quote=Fanta]I’m not the same person after that LOL
But seriously, it’s an experience I will never forget[/quote]

the same for me^^


It was awesome! So much emotion, I can’t wait to see them again!


my first is on june 13th 2004, in jakarta indonesia…

it was fun, i got a chance to meet them too, the venue was near the beach so pretty hot…

all i can remember was some of fans were fainted xD


i was sooooooo excited and when LP went on stage i just thougt " wow" and then i thougt " they look like in tv" :stuck_out_tongue: and than suddenly they went off the stage and the concert felt like only 10 min but they really played much longer :stuck_out_tongue: but it was the best day in my life so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Its extremley emotional and exciting! You can totaly forget the world with all those people who have this same love to those awesome people standing on that stage not far away from you! Pure awesomenes :slight_smile: You should go as soon as you get ANY chance!

britt :3


Moscow 2007.


St.Petersburg Tuborg Greenfest 2009 - first and unforgettable [cool]


It was one of the best days of my life. I just regret I didn’t have the membership back then to meet them :frowning: But I will, one day