How wide is Chester's voice range?


Hi everyone, I thought I would like to know what was Chester’s voice range. How many octaves could he sing?

I know it sounds like a petty thing to focus on right now, especially in these desperate times, but I think we all need something positive and something to clear our heads, a distraction.

So I just found this video:
that notes his vocal range over different songs. It says:

  • Lower register : G#2 - G3
  • Higher register : E4 - F5
  • Studio vocal range : G#2 - D5
  • Live vocal range : G#2 - F5

Then I remembered the Adele cover ( And correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a musician, it’s just my occasional hobby. Is there an A6# at 3:48?

Then it would be like 4.5 octaves? (Edit: 3.5, I can’t count :sweat_smile:)

And I also remember another song where he got even higher. I think it was acapella or some slow song, but I cannot remember the name. I just remember that in the end of the song, Chester sang: ‘uuu’, ultra high. Can somebody remember anything like that? Maybe it was not LP, but a side-project, Dead by Sunrise, I can’t remember.
(Edit: It was definitely a cover, there was an acoustic guitar and it was really old. Pity my hard drive was erased years ago and I don’t have it anymore :zipper_mouth_face:)

Then I found another video (, which says C#7, but for me, it’s difficult to confirm for a sound like that :smiley:

Was he even lower than G#2? Please post videos where he does that :slight_smile:

_P.S.: Sorry for putting this topic into Uncategorized, I didn’t know where to put it :slight_smile:


Found another!

[1:30] - what is it? Like C7# ?

Such a wonderful voice :heart: I will always love him :heart:


In the video above it’s C6, and if his lowest is G#2, then his vocal range is 3.5 octaves, which is crazy! I think the beauty of his voice is also about how different it can be, like he can sing with a scream in his voice (for example chorus of Crawling) and with a “clean” voice (all One More Light songs). I guess we all notice that, but it surprises me all the time how his “clean” voice is so soft, but at the same time his screams are so powerful!


But I feel like he could go lower than G#2 and maybe a few notes higher than C6


Here it is!! I found it!!! But now I listen to it, I think it’s not Chester… :sweat_smile: