How you got "linkinparked"


How did you got into Linkin Park and when was that?
Share your stories of how they came into your life and changed it forever [biggrin]



Let me tell you my story:
I got linkinparked 3 years ago, when the “Leave Out All The Rest” Single came out. I heared the song on the radio and fell in love with it!!!Some days I just sat in front of the radio, waiting the whole day for this song[razz]
I Before that I listened to Hip-Hop mostly, so liked the kinda hip-hop beat in the song. And Chester vocals to that blew me away!!!
Then I bought all the albums and LOVED them, though I never liked any kind of rock music before…
Now I can’t imagine living without Linkin Park and they will always be a big part of my life.


freshman year of highschool and this girl in my art class was listening to HT. man that was ages ago. lol over 10 years now


lol mine is kind of stupid. It was in 2000, and I was in Indiana for a wedding. I was at wal-mart the day before, and I saw this interesting art design and thought the cover had some sort of “fly man” on the front lol. I picked up Hybrid Theory, listened to Papercut, and that started my love for LP.

I think LP has made me a better person for sure; especially, in charity not just for MFR, but for many that associate themselves with many different things. I also have made great friends because of LP, and it’s been great :D.


I bought some tickets for my ex gf for christmas 2007. In january we went to the show and i was totally flashed from their performance and so I become a fan :slight_smile:


i got “linkinparked” when i saw “in the end” 10 years ago :slight_smile:


I was around 11-12ish when Hybrid Theory came out. I really wasn’t much into music, 'til i heard One Step Closer. Pretty funny I didn’t know the name of the song at the time so I pretty much forgot about them til I heard Breaking the Habit on MTV. I did some research on the band, one thing lead to another and well you can see I got hooked to the songs. With You sealed the deal with me, And has been awesome since then :). Through the good and through the bad there music has helped me through many tough moments and I still feel like the music itself is growing and modeling me.


ooohh… it was long ago!!! I can’t imagine))) first tracks was on cassette player!!!


I was watching MTV in January 2001, and saw a clip of One Step Closer, and I thought “Woah!”. After that, I started seeing the whole video around on TV. Then came Crawling, which convinced me to buy the album. In May 2001, I joined’s message board and then in the November LPU released and I moved from LPMB to LPUMB.

Been here since >.>


It was in 2001 when i saw the first time a video from lp on mtv ,… since then i was in love :smiley:

10 years after that ,… i am still listening to their songs, visiting their events,…
thanks lp for a lot of good moments with their music :slight_smile:


Well, i got “linkinparked” six years ago, when my best friend introduced me to the band :slight_smile: it has been kinda “love at first sign” ! :smiley:


LP is a part of my life since 2007 or something like that. i dunno how that happened :wink:


i knew LP after i watched One Step Closer on MTV in 2001. then became more “linkinparked” after Crawling. since then they pretty much became a part of my life.


i got linkinparked in 2007 :smiley: i was at school and my friends at the Film Crew, listened to “Leave out all the Rest” and i loved it ^^ so i got linkinparked :smiley:


I got “linkinparked” when i saw “in the end” videoclip in the TV. 9 years ago (in 2002) [biggrin]


got linkinparked in 2000 or 2001 with One Step Closer but can’t really remember that time because I was only 8 years old there. :smiley:
But I am a Hardcore fan since 2007, i think some months before MtM was released.


I got Linkin Park’d when I was 10 in my intro to theatre class. We had some project to do involving a song of our choice and a member of my group convinced us to listen to his new CD he bought and see if we all liked any of the songs because he was really into it. When he played “In the End” for me, it had pretty much been decided unanimously that this was the song we wanted to use. We got an “A” on the project.


I’ve got linkinparked in 2003\04 by TV damn u television!!! :slight_smile:
Dont remember what song exactly was playing though , but it hooked me ever since =)


Summer 2003 when “Somewhere i belong” was used in a german tv show!! From then i was a hardcore lp fan


I got “linkinparked” in middle school when one of my friends showed me the Meteora album a couple of months after it came out.But I had to listen to it in secret because my mom didn’t want me listen to it. Now the funny part is my mom is now a fan of Linkin Park after years of convincing her that they were a great band and we went to see them together at the Staples Center in February. [lol] [biggrin]