Hurricane Irma Destruction 😔


Sorry guys I didn’t know where else to post this! It is Linkin Park related being Music for Relief specifically helps those who survive major devastation! :heart:
Please pray for the families who lost their loved ones and their homes in the wake of a destructive category 5 super hurricane Irma. The Caribbean islands have been torn apart by this monster hurricane. Unfortunately the storm has it’s eye set on southern Florida. Please pray for their safety :pray:t3:


It’s times like this when we as people need to forget about the ignorance of the past, the differences we all have and face. No matter what your beliefs are, what part in society you play. What kind of life you choose to live. We need to in the face of the hurricane, show strength for those who have been hit hard and for those in the destructive path. We need to uplift and support those who fall and help them back up.

No matter how hard life gets for them, I pray there is positive that comes from these disasters. From Hurricane Harvey and now Irma. The destruction that Mother Nature creates is something unavoidable. People need to set aside differences permanently and help overcome. Out of destruction, despite how awful. There is light in the human spirit. We will rebuild and regrow in strength and spirit.

I honestly think with all the negative press in the news last few years, as sad as it is. This is needed to help bring people together. Sometimes bad things need to happen for people to wake up and smell the coffee. People will overcome and triumph in these dire times. And with these disastrous storms I pray not just for those in the path of the storm but pray for humanity as a whole.

These are the kinds of events that inspire quotes and metaphors. And quite literally we need to weather the storm, face the destruction and come out anew. I do pray for the people in it’s path and in it’s wake. In the end I think everything will be okay despite how bad the damage to the body and soul of those affected.


Yes I agree. :pray:t3: Your post beautifully articulates the strength and compassion we have for one another in times of dire need. My heart and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this hurricane Irma and also Harvey. Thank you for sharing your heart. Peace to you.


Hurricane Maria a category 5 is on an angry path for the Caribbeans again. Pray for those who are currently in the path of this destructive storm…once again. They’ve lost so much and have no where to go. My heart goes out to them. Thank you family :hugs:


Piggybacking into this thread, please include earthquake victims in Mexico :pensive:


@framos1792 Oh gosh yes. :(:anguished:


I hope MFR fund can help out in Mexico and the Caribbean islands that got hit hard :pensive: So much devastation :pensive: