Hybrid Theory-Live at Download Festival 2014 with purchase of The Hunting Party


Hi guys!

I was just wondering if anyone else here purchased The Hunting Party through the link where you got a download of LP performing HT at Download festival? I thought I remember seeing that the download would be available sometime in August, but I haven’t received anything yet. Thanks!!


They e-mailed a download link to everybody that pre-ordered. Actually, that was a while ago.


I have the link, and I downloaded it only once, but I think you can download it up to 3 times; if you’d like to use my link, PM me. But you should prob contact ground control or WB or whoever too to get your money’s worth.


Please do not share links.


Please do not share links.

Call me crazy, but I think people should be entitled to stuff they fucking paid for. I doubt support will help them at this point. Besides, we all know you don’t actually have the ability to read PMs as a mod…or if people didn’t know, they do now. :wink:


thanks guys. I most certainly never got the link, I was making sure to keep my eye open for it…