Hybrid theory on google play


why is it that Linkin Park is giving away hybrid theory away on google play but only in the USA i know many of us who have it but why is it not open to other countries who cant get it as a CD would it not be fair to make it open to them too not just in USA


@lpuhq would be good if you can give a reason why it is only open to the USA and not to all LP fans


This again… I remembered in Dec 2014 Mike released THP for free in the US.



Why are they releasing it for free? I mean haven’t we all already got it?


I was about to post about this on another thread, but since it’s here…

It’s not the greatest move but it’s cool they’re doing it. I assume there are a bunch of people who don’t have the official album (even if it’s been 16 years) for various reasons.
It was expected it’d be US only, most things always are anyways. It’s a management, and in this case, deal thing. Nothing surprising.


@EvoOba @the_termin8r1 hi and yes many of us will already have it its jus a shame that is not ope to those who may not be able to get it for one reason or another but why only in the US i meaan its not like the US fans caant get hold of it nice idea just poorley executed maybe next time they will look at it more at it how it makes those fans less fortunet that us feel that this was not open to there country


I know what you mean, I’m sure they’ve done everything they could but came up empty. It’s hard sometimes to come to an agreement with such contracts.
It’d be better if it was available for everyone but that’s still better than nothing.