Hybrid Theory or Meteora?


First, I wanted to say that I love every album that LP has put out in some form or fashion.
My best friend asked me a good question and I thought I would pass it on to y’all

Which one do you like more? Hybrid Theory or Meteora?

I will start,



They’re both great albums, definitely a tough choice, but for me I think it would be HT. Hybrid Theory introduced me to LP, and in a way, saved my life. There is not one bad track on that album, and 12 years later, I still listen to it all the time.


METEORA!!! i just like it a little more, but HYBRID THEORY is still a legend.
one of my original, famous words of wisdom… “whatever happened to minutes to midnight” [biggrin] hahahhaha i remember saying that.


Hybrid Theory best album ever.


Hybrid Theory.

Easy question


Living Things.


I really love both albums but Hybrid Theory made me a fan so… I choose Hybrid Theory


Hybrid Theory! at least he is not “copied” as Meteora!