Hybrid Theory Tattoo


So I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but now I am pretty sure that I want to get inked.
I love the Hybrid Theory band logo (the H over the T which kinda looks like a chinese character but it isn’t)
For reference here’s a link: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/6/64/Hybrid_Theory_Logo.jpg

I realized that the logo is sometimes tilted to the right side, and sometimes to the left. Do you know which direction it’s originally tilted to?

Judging by these photos: http://lpcatalog.com/info/fake-or-real_htep1999 it’s orignally tilted towards the right side, but I’m not sure.

Do you have ideas on where to put it (I thought of shoulder)? And would you try to interpret it or just let it be tattooed originally?

Happy for any kind of help!


photo 3107CBBE-34AF-441A-A7CA-66DB5F3A7BFB_zpsf8mdhbbg.jpg

That’s my one. Its on my shoulder too.
It’s about 15 years old I think :slight_smile: x