Hybrid theory tour


I was watching LPTV episodes and thought I WISH I could go back in time and go to an old school Hybrid Theory tour!!! I think it would be an awesome and fun idea if the band actually dressed up as they looked back in 2000 and done a small world tour of Hybrid Theory. Crazy I know but I think it would be AWESOME!!! I love everything LP does and all of their music but Hybrid Theory has always been my fave album and I adored the band back in those days where they were just starting up and introduced the world to LP sound.


Maybe one day who knows


Maybe a 20th year anniversary tour. But I still see Linkin Park proceeding to just make more music rather setting up a schedule for a HT Tour. That would be awesome though.


It’s true, they would have no time on their hands, which is great for us because the new album will be coming soon! But yes it would be awesome :frowning: we can hope!!


You’re not the only one. Although that would require some rather drastic (but not unwelcome) changes to their appearance. Yes, Rob’s hair, I’m pointing at you.


It would be awesome if they did a special tour where they played one of their albums in it’s entirety followed by all the hits people wanna hear.


i wish i could go back in time too
back then i wasnt a fan yet

  • sad face
    they should definitely do a tour of HT and Meteora haha
    to celebrate their epicness
    but dressing up like they used to is a bit silly xD


A Hybrid Theory tour would be epic. Maybe someday.