#HybridTheory15 - Worldwide Party


#LPSoldiers worldwide, we salute you!

October 24th, 2000 was the day when Linkin Park took over the world with their masterpiece album - #HybridTheory and showed everyone what they’re all about, writing history.

October 24th, 2015 is the day when Hybrid Theory takes over the world again at its15th anniversary, with the united power of our #LinkinPark worldwide family.

Join Linkin Park Romania for #HybridTheory15th anniversary party, taking place worldwide through the Periscope app: https://www.facebook.com/events/1625826894334651/

How? Download Periscope (https://www.periscope.tv/) from your App store and link it with your Twitter account, then start your broadcasts, following the party schedule. We’ll be live on @LP_Romania, so follow us!

Use the time zone converter to find out the party hour in your location: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

At 11 AM (PDT) - Los Angeles time zone, participants from around the world must hit PLAY on their Hybrid Theory album and start a broadcast on Periscope as following:

11:00:00 - 11:03:05: Papercut -> live in USA, Canada & South America
11:03:05 - 11:05:41: One Step Closer -> live in Europe
11:05:41 - 11:09:02: With You -> live in Asia & Australia
11:09:03 - 11:12:23: Points of Authority -> live in Africa
11:12:24 - 11:15:53: Crawling -> live in USA, Canada & South America
11:15:54 - 11:18:57: Runaway -> live in Europe
11:18:58 - 11:22:08: By Myself -> live in Asia & Australia
11:22:09 - 11:25:41: In The End -> live in Africa
11:25:42 - 11:28:47: A Place for My Head -> live in USA, Canada & South America
11:28:48 - 11:32:02: Forgotten - live in Europe
11:32:03 - 11:34:40: Cure for the Itch - live in Asia & Australia
11:34:41 - 11:37:54: Pushing Me Away - live in Africa.

At 11:38 AM all the world will go live simultaneously for the last two tracks included on the special edition of Hybrid Theory, starting with My December and ending the party with “the unforgettable sound” of High Voltage.

The idea of this party came while our Co-Founder, Diana Ciobotea, was searching for an old photo album in a box. She ran into her high school geographic atlas and while starring at the world’s map, she connected it with our desire to do something special for this anniversary and told to herself: “That’s it!”

Now it’s all up to you! Within these 46 minutes, we’re gonna cover the world map with live broadcasts of our own listening parties, showing the power of music in connecting people & also the power of #LinkinPark’s worldwide community.

PS: Show the world you’re taking part in probably the first party ever done this way by uploading the event picture to your Facebook cover. Don’t forget to share the event, invite fellow LP fans to join us and always use these two hashtags when referring to this party: #HybridTheory15 and #HybridParty15.

Let’s make it big!

Rock on,
LPRomania (https://www.facebook.com/lpromania)



Great idea, I´ll be on your party list, So this is Muinich calling, going to share it on twitter! Hope hat me computer idiot get it worked, and then tomorrow 11 AM which time zone?


Nice, but I can’t download periscope :frowning:




@evooba you may know what time it is in middle Europe (Germany)? it´s evening sth like 20:00h?


Yeap, 8pm your time.


I dunno if I´ll get it, but I try, imagine a worldwide chain of lpu´er and other soldiers, watching themselves and a concert together, great imagination, sent my prayers right above, that it´ll work


So… Who’s doing this right now?


Hey guys! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your positive feedback!

Yes, the party will start worldwide at 11 AM - Los Angeles local time, that means 8 PM in Germany. About 18 hours left till we hit PLAY on Hybrid Theory!

Make sure to confirm your attendance on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1625826894334651/

Also, follow us on Periscope & Twitter at: @LP_Romania

See you at the party,


#anyone want to lean me their lpu password? :3 ;-;




#what do you think for Jordan -.-


I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. This is all on free sites, isn’t it?


#i wanna get into the lpu, I miss it ;-;


I’m up for this. Been playing Hybrid Theory since the clock hit 0.00. Blogged about it. Scared my relatives who thought they could have a nice late breakfast here at my house. Yes, it was a good day so far.

How is everyone else celebrating this glorious day, without being able to access Periscope or LPU parts?


I’m rocking my HT shirt andI played the album earlier. Nothing special so far lol


Does a full wall projection play of Live in Texas count? 12 years later the video quality looks grainy.


Yah man whatever’s clever :smiley: