Hybrid Theory turns 15 today! Happy birthday my old friend! Let’s listen to Hybrid Theory.
What are your thoughts on this album? Is this your favorite by LP? Or maybe is it your least favorite longplay by LP?
For me it’s on the fourth place (1. ATS; 2. THP; 3. MTM; 4. HT; 5. LT; 6. M)

Here’s my Hybrid Theory collection. Hybrid Theory from Germany, Hybrid Theory Special Edition from Asia and Hybrid Theory cassette from Poland. I also have all the singles and Frat Party At The Pankake Festival.


Jeez, why so many, isn’t one enough?


Exactly… :expressionless:


Well, when you say discography, it includes singles as well. Also, very often, a single’s CD may feature additional content.
@xtirea I was never able to find a copy of Frat Party…. Nice to know someone has this. One day I am going to meet you and steal this copy from you :wink:

I have the following from Hybrid Theory:

  1. The album with the special edition bonus disc
  2. Hybrid Theory EP (Digital copy)
  3. 6 other Demo CDs
  4. Plaster (Original version of OSC, and deserves a special mention)
  5. Hybrid Theory – Live Around the World
  6. Hybrid Theory: Live at Download Festival 2014 (with The Hunting Party)


Although Hybrid Theory is not my most favorite album, I strongly believe it gave music a whole new meaning (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a fan). It’s just crazy to think what the product of a group of friends fooling around managed to make such a huge impact on the world. Look where they were and where they are now, how much they\ve accomplished all these years… It’s just super crazy to me.

As far as collections go, mine isn’t anything special. I’m missing lots of albums and DVDs but I’ll get them with time. Besides, I believe collections and having X cd/dvd/item doesn’t mean anything…



I also need to buy vinyls, HT vinyl in my country isn’t pretty expensive but I have no idea where to put it - wait, I have no place for even a CD. I’m waiting for COG single and I have no idea where I can put it…


Nice. I don’t like digital stuff, so I don’t have many of them, like HTEP.


Maybe get a CD rack?


This is my whole LP collection:

LPU 8,10,11,12,13,14 and Viscera aren’t legit, mainly because the price was idiotic.It’s funny how greedy bands can get when it comes to selling merch. I got an email the other day from Red telling me that they were selling a hoodie on discount for £26. £26 for a bloody hoodie.


Tell that to the owner of this… :smiley:


I don’t mind it. Good for whoever this collection belongs to. I just can’t stand people who say true fans are only the ones with the most merch.

Merch is way too expensive sometimes, I agree @the_termin8r1


Buying fakes?


I am not a real collector and may confess, I don´t owe a material one, only on other mixed tracks (road to revolution live at milton keynes) incl. the whole concerrt with JT on DVD. But it is the Bibl, HT to musicians and fans means like the bible to a christ, and thats NO WAY GOOD BLASPHEMIE; cause I am a beliver and if thei´re no blesssed and belivers HHH at least, than I´m a robot



I put my t shirt rebuildt and restore on, gettting styled for partytime, I´ll not show my face, cried to much today, but wish to party with every single soldier of the world :sunglasses:


For a moment there I though that was yours. Though that reminds me, my MTM is the spec ed not a regular one. It’s just that the sleeve thing doesn’t fit in my rack.

Not quite. A friend had them (most likely an illegal DL), he sent them to me and I burned them onto some blank CDs. In all honesty I used my first trial membership with the intent of buying the CDs but prices were too high, even for the DLs.


here is just my collection of CDs & DVDs of linkin park Happy birthday Hybrid Theor



plus many other things as t shirts singed by the band and lots of other merch that I cant put on this photo :slight_smile: and @The_early_walker I know your a true LP Soldier :wink:


@EvoOba so true don’t have to have every item or piece of merch to be true to LP


@EvoOba its not about who has the most its about loving there music


@chris_styles WELCOME BACK SOLDIER; Party on periscope all olone but with all of us together, we mark the grave, and you´re pat of it man, shit dropped ab everything, we risks our lives as supposed to be as storm trooper, hope to cya on periscope :sunglasses: