I am a Chinese new person, please take care of me!😃


I was a park to Linkin Park肯斗士😃This is the title of Chinese fans,Please take care of me!


Welcome, but you should be able to take care of yourself :laughing:


Hello I’m really happy! This is my first time to communicate with foreigners, according to China, please take care of the meaning is:Please excuse me, this is a polite statement in China!:blush::blush:


Ah, I understand. My bad, sorry :grinning:


Can you speak chinese?


Excuse me,can you speak Chinese?


I’m sorry, but I can’t speak English well


No, sorry, only English and Bulgarian.

Also, small word of advice. If you make a spelling mistake you can just edit your post (the little pencil at the bottom of the post). Right now it’s ok because you’re new here but in the future the edit is a better option than posting corrections. It stops threads from geting crowded.


What social software do you use?We use QQ in china!


Nothing, I don’t use social networking. I use whatsapp to talk to friends but that’s about it.


Hello my little squishy, my name is intheend, I welcome you to the lpu forums :smiling_imp:

I only have one question… do you like bunnies?


Rabbit? Oh! No


I know that the software!


Did you say you don’t like bunnies @.@


What does the rabbit mean?:smile:


Go online and look up bunnies, how do you not know what bunnies are D;


No, but I’d like to taste one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha I heard that in China, ppl eat dogs.


It’s not just China, it’s the majority of Asia. I want to try dog as well.


I like rabbit! There is a word called four two dial a thousand pounds! :smile: