I am new here! I love Linkin Park so much!


Hey everyone! I’ve loved Linkin Park since I can remember, and I have just now joined the underground. I love Linkin Park so much, and hope to see one of their concerts one day. I would Absolutely love to meet them, but I’m sure everybody would right? Haha!


Welcome to the LPU! Enjoy your stay.




Welcome to lpu


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome to the LPU! Hopefully that means it’s one step closer for you MEETING Linkin Park and seeing them live! :smiley: I’ve gotten to meet them before thanks to the LPU, so I hope you stick around! :slight_smile:


Welcome on the Lpu and enjoy your stay because I know that you will enjoy having fun on the game threads.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: this is so exciting.


Nice to meet you and enjoy your time on the forum it can be very helpful I am relatively new here to. Welcome to the forum


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Happy to have you :slight_smile: I also haven’t met guys in flesh yet. I hope I will in June :slight_smile:


Welcome! It’s been a long minute…

Jk, welcome to LPU my friend!


Ditto, and welcome.:slight_smile:


:wink: Nice wording cincybmxlpfreak.


Welcome to the LPU


Welcome to the LPU


Welcome to LPU!! :smiley:


Welcome to the family!
~Avenged Sevenfold


I am new as well and have no idea what I’m doing. :joy:


Hello @bellapanze13 I’m new member too :grin: