I don't know I am LPU members yet?


I just recieve my deluxe bundle (today) and this bundle + 1 yr. membership but I dont see LP update my status become to LPU members or Am I miss anything? I don’t really know what have to do next. Where can I access or activate my account to LPU members? I’m so confused.

This is my 1st LPU members. I want to be a part of this amazing family.
Please help me
Thank you very much


@jFar920, @derek help here please. Thanks.


You didn’t by chance see an email after you signed up requesting you to activate your membership did you? Might need to check if you may have overlooked it.


I email to fsdsupport for help me (March 20) till today I dont recieve email back from them. I’m blank right now (…)


Did you look for the email that derek mentioned?


I’m not sure that email you meaning is an email when I sign in to LPU or Linkinpark.com or linkin park app, right? I use same email for all. and I never receive email about code to update my status to LPU members. I check email a lot but I never see email like that. I receive email about my orders only from LPU/Linkinpark store. what I have to do? I’m a little bit confused about process to activate my account.


It was an email that your should have received upon signing up for the LPU. It has a slightly confusing subject saying something along the lines of a special gift for joining, but it’s actually the code needed to activate the membership


I became LPU members right now ! Yeah!! fsdsupport fix me. thank you very much for your help and advise me a lot. :smile:


Welcome to the party soldier :unicorn::lollipop: