I Finally Got My Linkin Park Staramba Statues (Pics)


Here is my collection (so far) of Linkin Park Staramba Statues. They’re amazing!


Those are pretty cool


i want to have this, too :pensive:


Love them!


Let’s steal it together :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, yeah, let´s go. meet in an hour :smile:


@Carmine_Bowe, these are awesome. Where do you keep them?
@melemi cya by the broken bridge, under the banyan tree.


you´re crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where have you buy this? :slight_smile:


I have them in a glass display case. I’ll take better pics later. The whole case is all LP collectibles.


they came from germany. There’s a company called staramba, they make them. Here is a link:



It’s cool because I live in Berlin. But they’re very expensive :smile:


The only problem I have with mine is that the base on Chester’s is slightly too big to fit into any of the holes for some reason. Other than that, they’re great.



hmmm. I’m surprised that happened to yours. I really would like a new set with different poses. I would love one of chester screaming with a mic in his hand and one with mike playing the guitar. Even brad with his trademark headphones. There are so many possibilities.


Congratulations, loved it, I really wanted to have.


These are awesome but at the same time kinda creepy how close they look to the real guys


I’m so jealous, they look really cool! :slight_smile:
I’m gonna order a small one of Mike soon! (Can’t afford more than that, they’re so expensive!)


what’s the entire group cost?


The whole group (mini figures) with the base was 300 dollars. Then I got the bigger version of mike and chester for 150 a piece


Oh man, I’m so jealous, these look so real, and so close to the actual versions. :open_mouth: It’s almost creepy lol