I got ripped off!


I recently paid close to $300.00CAD for an unopened copy of the Hybrid Theory EP under the impression it was 1/1000 original 1999 pressings only to learn it was actually the LPU 1.0 2001 repress.

“The Linkin Park Underground edition cites Mike Shinoda as the producer. While the original cites Hybrid Theory as the producer. This information is on the back of the CD case.”

Well, thanks LPAssociation… at the very least, now I know.


You have to be really careful with those. Be it the LPU1 version or a complete fake, that stuff happens a lot with the HTEP, I’ve bought a fake before, too (not for that much, though). Although it’s not worth $300, an unopened LPU1 HTEP is probably still worth a decent amount of money