I hate people said chester is old


why there are so many people said chester is too old to scream or sing
they are nothing but idiot which only know abusing great singer
chester sings so good ,but no matter hard he sings,there are still so many people curse him,im just doubt about it.why???
and they even said they’re LP’S fans,they are fake fans!
chester is the hardest greatest singer in the world!!


Why should you care what they think? The only thing that matters is what you think about Chester. The best thing you can do is just ignore them.


Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate. If I worry about what every person thought of Chester or LP, I’d go mad :smiley:
Don’t let them ruined your day :). Just sit back and ignore them. Cheers :3


Dont pay attention! Haters who wish they could do what he does! No actual fan would care of his age


Dont worry about it!! … People always are gonna have an opinion about everything!!


Chester can sing “Given Up” with 65+ :wink:


Chester is Old


Phil Collins has always been old-looking, balding and rather chubby, but isn’t he a great artist, too? Stop worrying, dear. Besides, lots of them trolls are saying that they want their ‘Old Linkin Park’ back, so I suppose they’re finally getting it their way! :wink:

@Fabricio: Ah, come on… lame! Don’t tease the gurmy, will you? That’s just pathetic. :-b


comparing with other active rock band’s vocalist, Chester is not even close to those figures…

Talk about “old”, Mike jagger, James Hetfield are getting there… (but I still enjoy their company and their performances [biggrin])


THANK YOU! I’m on the same age, lol :smiley:


When Chester is 55 and still singing Given Up, I will say he’s old. He is not that old. I know plenty of artists who are MUCH older than him and still rocking it. Don’t listen to what people say, who cares what anyone thinks besides yourself.


Ignore the haters!!!


It’s called envy!!
Don’t care about it!! People like that will always exist!!


when people say such lame and useless things about chester
it only means they are feking jealous cause chester is epic and they aren’t, oh yeah


I think Chester has at least 20 more years to be even considered old. Plus his voice continues to have melody. People just don’t know what a good singer really means.