I have a problem Stephanie


I out doing stuff and I just saw my ex boyfriend so what should I do I want to make him pay so bad but I know that’s not right but he did cheat on me and said everything I liked was stupid


Relax, karma always comes back to people. I myself know I have messed up in the past and have paid for it. Don’t let those thoughts consume you. I recommend at this moment picking up a paper and pen and writing how you feel. let all that anger out this way, I’m sure you will feel better.

Take Care!


Thank you that sounds like a good idea and listening to music helps me as well so I might do that too


Just let it be, it’s not worth the effort.


I agree with the machine above me…
Ex’s are behind us for a reason…
Be happy and let him live in his own world :slight_smile:


Hey don’t worry about hem just take care of yourself . Everything thing he did to you will come back to hem. . Keep your self happy and safe.


Thank you all for your great advice


Listen to Linkin Park? :stuck_out_tongue:


Listening to hybrid theory now


Will do putting on one step closer right now then listening to the rest of hybrid theory then Somewhere I belong. He hated Linkin Park