"I have never" game


Ah… exactly… :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: Instruments have a certain cost and I don’t know somebody who has it/them… :sweat_smile:


You know who could teach you :smirk: Not Rob :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never left my house without pants


I like your thinking hehehe but no :triumph: unless you mean playing the drums on pots and pans :yum:

IHN fainted



I did one time alone… :thinking: maybe it’s the reason why I am lunatic sometimes… :joy: :joy: jk jk

IHN grabbed a spider with bare hands (and never will do lol)



Was it because of a spider that you fainted? :sweat_smile:


Lmaoooooo!! :joy:
No, it was when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I was playing with my cousin and he made me hit with the back of my head on a chair… It wasn’t intentionally,but I fainted immediately like I was disactivated literally… I regained consciousness after some light slaps… :muscle: :grin:


Ooooh that was knocking out fainted :sweat_smile:
I was thinking more like fainting from shock :sweat_smile:

If concussion type of knocking out counts then I have :persevere:
I fell and hit back of my head on ice while skating a few years ago… didn’t know what happened until I regained senses outside of the skating rink and sitting on a bench with everyone watching :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: it was horrible!!! The embarrassment not the pain :joy:


:joy: I think it counts as “fainted”!
Yeah, understood your feelings… same here… I was on the sofa with my parents,sister staring at me, while my cousin had a sorrowful expression as I was dead… :sweat_smile:


You should’ve scared him hehehe

Ihn broken a bone :confused:


I’ve never fainted but I came very close earlier this year (or it might have been late last year). It was from pain of all things. I was working on something on my desk with a power drill and at one point the drill slipped from the pressure I was applying to it (had almost my entire body weight on it) and the battery pack slammed onto the end of my thumbnail. From the side it probably looked like a totally minor injury (the lack of a smashed nail or even a bruise being in support of it), but I swear, I actually had to take a minute. I was sitting in my chair trying to tough it out when I started to hear the music in the back start to fade and I realised exactly what was happening. At the very last moment I just thought “fuck no, this isn’t happening today” and I managed to keep myself from blacking out, I was fine a min later.

I’m no stranger to pain and injuries, short of breaking bones and needing stitches, I’ve had almost every possible injury and I’ve never passed out from pain, but that one time I nearly did. I don’t even know why it was that specific injury.


I have never travelled outside of North America.



No man, I can feel the pain only by reading. :mask:

… swam in a river

I have never…


Eaten alligator



Slept on a bench



… climbed a mountain

I have never…


Set foot in a gym.



I respect you.

… really dyed my hair

I have never…


You respect my laziness and lack of self consciousness? :stuck_out_tongue:


I respect the fact you don’t take things seriously… and I hate gym :joy: