"I have never" game


Your logic is broken. You don’t like zoos but you’d go to a circus where they’re forced to perform as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was kid when I went there and got no chances to refuse, but I don’t like it either!


People were meant to be free, but they get locked in cages as well. But I guess that’s another story…


Well, yeah…


aye, you don’t have to be locked in a cage. For many people their own decisions lead them to this “cage”


And for many people, they don’t deserve to be there either. It goes both ways again.


I’m not sure what you mean by this. Could you explain?

My statement was referring to “cage” as locked in a monotonous life, stuck in an office without any energy or excitement. I was saying that many people chose to follow this path, either by chasing the salary that comes with it or by refusing to receive a proper education and being stuck in it. However, people have the opportunity to follow other, more satisfying jobs. They just need to know what they want and work towards it.

That’s what happened with me. I realized I wanted a career that I could look forward to everyday, not necessarily one that came with a large salary. I eventually realized that this career was architecture (fun atmosphere, meet many interesting people and work on many interesting projects, and lots of travel), so I worked my butt off to get into one of the best architecture universities in the nation and am continuing to work my butt off to become the best architect I can be.


Ahh see, I was talking about the actual cage, as in jail or prison. Certain people get framed, wrongfully accused, etc, and get put in there when they did absolutely nothing wrong to begin with. As far as the job thing though, yes its true that people have a choice over this, you can either work somewhere that makes you miserable, or somewhere you love that makes you happy. As far as education goes, I also have a different view on this than most others do, but you’re allowed to be whatever you want to in life whether people like it or not. Stick to whatever you love and makes you happy.


oh lol, I guess I looked too deeply into your original comment. However, I do not believe that the percentage of prisoners who have been wrongly accused of crimes is that high. People in that situation definitely exist, but I believe that, due to the crazy extensive nature of court proceedings, this population is incredibly low.

Yes, exactly what I think

Unless it involves violent crimes and systematic genocide though :grimacing:


No worries, I tend to do this a lot myself

Well of course, but when I say whatever makes you happy, I really mean whatever is right. Obviously we all know that what’s wrong isn’t the answer, so I don’t think anyone here has to worry about that.


lol, I got you. I was just being dumb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Visited a rocket.



Eaten a taco



… Watched wrestling in TV

I have never…


Ihn broken my leg

I have never…


Killed anyone in their sleep



:thinking: does it mean you killed someone while awake?? :joy:

IHN killed someone in general :joy:



I have never killed myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve killed things, but not people.


Been to the moon