"I have never" game


Bananas alone are disgusting, milk alone is disgusting. Combine them and I’ll be sick, combine them and make it warm, now you have a way to kill me.


So there is a way to kill the machine. :joy:


Now i know your weakness!! mwhahahah! :rofl:


And how are you going to feed me a warm banana milkshake?


:thinking: Tying you somewhere :joy:


Theres ways of tracking people down! hahaha! at least we know what you hate!


Oh yeah, and how you gonna do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see you try. I’ve tracked forum members down before, and succeeded. I haven’t left enough info on here for you to manage. Only one person knows where I live. The best you have to go by is a picture of my RC stomping ground. And I doubt you’d be able to find me in uni.


Nice question… :joy: :thinking: I think I need some men’s help for that… :sweat_smile: :joy:


You’d need to bring in @NickGr, and even then, you’d be lucky if you managed.


Are you advicing me how to kidnap yourself?! :joy:


No, I’m just saying that that’s the only possible hope you have.


Ah lol :joy:

IHN tied someone :laughing:



Mummified someone



Drunk blood



The only sort of blood I’m interested in is hot reindeer blood, like the Scandinavians drink.


And hot means? Just killed, so it’s still hot or cooked?


LMAO, cooked.


:joy: ah, ok :thinking: I’m interested…but maybe not reindeer… :sweat_smile:


I have people in places!! :stuck_out_tongue: id find you one day!


Shouldn’t this be discussed in the kidnap thread? Lol