"I have never" game


12 points for me


Beated you! 14 for me! :laughing:




I got 10


I got 6 :hushed: :open_mouth:


Actually, mine needs fixing, it’s 8, not 9. I have read a book in one day, technically I’ve read a book in minutes. We all have, as kids. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though it doesn’t specifically say it, I’m pretty sure its not talking about kids books, although I thought of the same thing lol.


I got 6 :roll_eyes:
I wanted the lowestttt


Lmao, cause that’s where its at :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean lol
The lower the number, the more you’ve done in life :crazy_face:


That’s why I said, that’s where the “fun” is :upside_down_face:


The beauty of loophole exploitation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll never get to 0 since I’ll never get a tattoo, but, I can argue that I’ve gotten a tattoo before, one of those temporary kids’ ones. :joy:


Lmaoooo if we want to get technical then that works for me :grin: plus pen drawings on skin :thinking:

Wait! I haaaave traveled out of the country! I was born out of it :smiling_imp:


Lmao to both of you, now you’re just trying to bend the rules to make them work for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can knock off 5 more (not counting the book and tattoo) with loopholes, but I won’t. The only loophole I’ll exploit is the book one. :joy:


And got air balloon are mine (but I have been on a hot air ballon :thinking: at the fair :thinking: the little rides that go round and round shaped like hot air balloons :smiling_imp:


Just for that I should throw you out of a hot air balloon


Lmao good luck getting me into it :cold_sweat::joy:


Is the onion afraid of heights? :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s call it cautious :grimacing: