"I have never" game


My loopholes:

Ambulance (I’m pretty sure I’ve been in one in a museum)
Famous person (I managed to grab Chester’s finger at a concert :stuck_out_tongue: )
Ocean (I’ve been in a sea)
NYC (In a video game lmao)
Pet fish (class pet in school)


Lol, even I’m not that “cautious”


Can I call crossing the rio grande in a canoe, a cruise? :thinking: if so then that’s another :joy:


Lmao nyc in a video game
That ones hella weak lmao




I don’t have a fear of heights, but I’d never get in a hot air balloon, lack of control, but more annoyingly, no speed!


Says he who counts a dinghy as a cruiser.


We’re all gonna die one day, I’d do it if I was able.


:rofl: at least it was in person and not living vicariously through a screen


If I die in some airborne vessle, I want to die in a Mach 3+ disintegration.


He just said it wouldn’t be for fear of crashing though
I was going to do it like 3 years ago but it didn’t happen
Plus too many hot air balloon accidents here :joy:


No crap bro, I’m just saying


It doesn’t really interest me actually, nor skydiving
The time I was going to do it was for someone not for me and even then I didn’t want to :joy:
I’d go down in a dogfight if I were to have a airborne death


I’m curious about this lol


That’s another good one. I want to get shoved in a Typhoon with the RAF’s best dog-fighter so that I can experience the true definition of terror.

I want to do it too, but probably the more extreme version. The one where you throw the parachute out of the plane, wait a few secs, then jump out after it without having one yourself. :joy:


I’ll take a rain check on that one :joy:


Lmao where’s my popcorn?


I know you want to see me get thrown off so just imagine this dude is me lmao

Side note…I’m fearful that if we ever meet, these guys will be us lol


“What if this goes wrong guys?” His voice when he says it. :joy:


They end up making him get a skydiving ferret tattoo on another episode because of this lol ferret because he straight up looks like one lmao