"I have never" game


I’d probably be that guy laughing like a hyena. :joy:


I would never be as bad as any of these guys, they have done some stupid things lmao.


I don’t know who they are, they seem like jackass-lite. My stupidity varies, though a tattoo or piercing is something I’d never get.


They’re part of that show in which the premise is that they challenge themselves to certain things, whoever fails the most challenges during a show has to go through a punishment that the other guys choose lol
It’s idiotic but I loved watching because it reminded me so much of the guys I hung out with in high school lol


Already got one, and who knows, I may be open to the other in the next few years lol.


Oh that’s right huh? The logo


I didn’t get this


I have 12 points! :blush:


17 points in my case :upside_down_face:


No! I thought nobody could beat me! :frowning:
I’m at second place then… :unamused:


.:stuck_out_tongue:. is this a competition about who is the more antisocial soldier?


Lol nope, but I thought nobody could beat me… :sweat_smile:


Ahh :confused: I was happy :cry:


It did become :joy: @aaran :joy::joy:

Hold on. I just scrolled from there to last post. :joy: I am so confused. Where’d everyone move off topic

Ihn got enough time to check forums… :two_hearts: