I have never seen Linkin Park before


I have never seen Linkin Park live before.


That’s sad! They are crazy good live. I’m sure they will come close to u at some point!


Depending on where you live, your time will come eventually. They’re currently back in the studio, and once they release a new album, they’ll be back out on the road in no time.


It might take you a while but you will eventually.


Hope you will finally get to see them during this next touring cycle. :slightly_smiling:


That plane flight may take a while but you’ll reach them eventually lol


In many cases it’s faster than driving though :slightly_smiling:


Of course, nowadays LP don’t travel on a touring bus no more, do they?


Not sure. I think they still do in the US (but spend the nights in hotels instead of the buses). In all the other places they go around with a private jet.


Nope they don’t. They fly a lot.
I remember the day LP headlined Pukkelpop (Belgium) last year, at noon Mike was still snapchatting from Denmark. Too bad he didn’t sightsee in Belgium, oh well…


That is heartbreaking :frowning:

I’ve been fortunante (excuse the spellin) enough to see LP, FM & DBS


You and me both :confused:


When did they stop the touring bus? I know that the 1st time they came to Asia, they had to keep flying all over the place since it’s all islands.


No idea actually. I remember the crew still used buses in 2012 (also in Europe - EU 2014-2015 I don’t think they had any buses), not sure about the band. Maybe they still do in some US tours, but last tour they had been flying a lot too.


Yeah hopefully.


I guess they are still trying to find my country on the map and are like, “We don’t fly, we don’t do buses, we will walk to them.”


Haha, where are you from again?
To my country they could easily walk from Germany as well lol.


I can’t reveal that. LP will see the name, say “They are crying again!” and strike off the name from their list. Hehehehe.

I remember in one of the chat texts, it was mentioned (by Mike, I guess), “…and yes, yes [Insert country name], We know.” That was all.


I think I know where you’re from. :slight_smile: I hope they will finally play in your country next tour cycle.


I think they dont come to my county because they think that no one is there :smiley: just cold, dark, elks and bears :smiley: