I have two extra pit tickets for Chula Vista 9/16/2014


As the title says 2 pit tickets for the Sleep Train Ampitheatre 9/16/14 @ 6:30pm.

I have the physical tickets in hand (not an email) just asking what we paid $250.80 with all the fees.

I want to sell the tickets as a pair, my wife purchased these not knowing I bought us meet and greet tickets to Irvine.




I might be interested!


Great just let me know ! Which venues are you going to?


Well I currently don’t have any tickets for any concerts. My first choice was to get pit tickets for the show in Irvine but those sold out quick. So my second choice was the Chula vista show but I was just going to wait to see if the Irvine pit tickets on stub hub would drop as the date got closer but I rather have security and have tickets instead of gambling. So it’s 250 for 2 pit tickets at the show in Chula vista?


I know what you mean, those tickets went fast! Danielle first had these tix (chula vista) in her cart and I wasn’t having luck with Irvine, then the meet and greet tix popped up. It’s a lot of $$ but hopefully worth it. $250 is exactly what they cost from ticketmaster just let me know!


If jflores32 doesn’t want the pit tickets for the Chula Vista show, I would be interested as well.


Thanks Sarandipity but they are sold!