I Just Pre-Ordered LIVING THINGS!


I know that it’s not special for you but it’s really speciel to me because i live in Israel and Linkin Park cannot send this album to Israel and i was really disapointed…
I really wanted this album so i opened an account on an Israeli website that send things from USA and UK to Israel.
The only problem with this website that the delivery cost 25$ (!!!) so i payed 48$ for this album but i am REALLY happy about it (:
I also got the album Hybrid Theory EP that i waited for it really alot of time (:


Congrats! I’m glad you could get your own copy, it’s going to be amazing! :slight_smile:


I understand your feeling. Last time Linkin Park store don’t ship to my country too. :slight_smile:

Congrats btw! Enjoy it when it arrives! :smiley:


Congrats! The more you pay, the more special the album will be :slight_smile:


too bad you had to go through so much trouble! but its worth it right