I lost my laminate for early entry help


Lorenzo please help me i lost my laminate for early entry in Berlin i have a fos Ticket and we are a Whole flashmob with Great surprises for LP can you help me i dont want my Friends See going in and i have to stand outside


You can print out your confirmation mail instead. Mail the HQ to be sure though.


Slightly off topic:

I’ve never been to any concerts before but when you buy tickets for the mosh pit do you print them or do you pick them up at the location of the concert? If you do have to pick them up on site, how early do you have to be there if you want a decent place in the mosh pit (i.e. in the middle as a worst case scenario)?


I can’t answer on the tickets question since I always get the ticket beforehand (I’ve never printed one either, too afraid to risk something going wrong) but as far as good spots go, as early as possible. Some people goand wait in line from like 5 and 6am…


Ok, but how do you get them beforehand? Also I had a friend who went to an LP concert and said he got a decent spot without waiting too much (a couple of hours tops).


I don’t know how things work where you live but here, people prefer to go to the ticket store and buy their tickets directly from there instead of online. The only times I bought tickets online, I had them delivered to my house instead of printing them, simply for security reasons so yeah…

I was in the barricade in my 1st LP show and arrived pretty late but I managed to get up front cause I had a staff pass that I showed everyone to let me get through lol. But I guess you can get a decent spot if you’re there when the gates open and run a little.