I love the new song!


Its not so much LP-like, but it is still catchy and really fun to listen to. LP has always ben legendary… im just mad they havent released it yet, because i have every LO album from Hybrid Theory to Living Things, and i have every DBS and Fort Minor and Mr. Hahn CD known to man. I just cant wait until they actually release it to iTunes. YOU ROCK LP!!!


I LOVE it too, and it will be out really soon!


It’s really catchy. I hope it becomes a hit on the radio.


I didnt feel it live but when i heard it on Youtube, i was amazed! Makes me wanna go clubbing again!


Great new track just want more than a remix album ,but mikes knows what hes doing lpu forever the force is strong…


I love the new song ALTNC along with the video ‘Making of the song’. Mike and Chester always let us know how they work on their song and that’s pretty cool !


Im to!


I love it!!!