I´m soo +++ about


today my mood is like getting a place, where I can let it all go flowing away all my feelings from me, mb tomorrow I think, it was wrong to set this topic…

BUT don´t we are all in the need of a let all go strategics? This topic is a vomitation one, if you feel like throw it all away, if ya like to share and find out, that many of us lpu´er are feeling the same. Spit all out on this threat,

Go on and write about ya edges, everyday from the inside, sharing means caring and caring means nearing, nearing means less fearing, less fearing means appearing.

Come on and post ya story…wherever it may be at the middle, the beginning or @the end…lol, hope yagetyachance


I’m so sick about work. (I think you know that already.)


yes try to get suns shining and the goal as soon and correct as you are and leave there [:stuck_out_tongue:] @samuel_the_leader


changed the title cause of having an episode earlier this day, with an american hotline service, it was so hard, she didn´t got me afterr explaining and explaining, lol :joy: she thought I wanna cheated her, so I´ve seriously to find an opportunity to speak english with a native speaker, lol, I laughed so hard, at the end she got it and we laught together, so and rename for topick mb


Let’s talk about how much cancer sucks. I’m so fed up with it! -.-"


Cancer? What have you to handle with this serious problem it brings? tell me please not you have smb near with it…it´s soooo unsatisfying, they´re flying to Mars etc, but an illness isn´t properbly healable? I can´get any sense in this, wasting money for beeing better, faster etc, but for the real catatrophies, like cancer is, or mb the refugees-crisis, they just gamble [the politicians] and sleep very well suited in their 6 stars + hotels, spit on it


Yes, it has affected many people I deeply care about in general.

It is really frustrating, I can’t even right now. I wish there was a cure.


oh my dear, sry, but have to say so, we outsidde the illness may never imagine what it feels like, only thing we can do is lifing every day as worthfull as it is, in good body conditions and healthy, and , the one, the beast is on, care them, take them as they are, give a tissue if needed or a drink, even. It´s a thing I can´t really handle with… but, a
myside to ya, @evooba


I know there’s nothing I can do but be there for that person but it has gotten outta hand. More and more people seem to get it and it’s just f*cked up. :confused:

(Sorry for the rant, just tired of getting such bad news every other week)


huggs agan, deep and warm, put yaself warm for this night, to feel good. I don´t mind to say: I know how ya feel, cause nobody knows, right now I´m feeling sadness, but, every feeling changes…wish ya all the best thoughts from whereever, like mb

good night @evooba, hugs to Eva…


Thank you! :slight_smile:


watch how the moon sits in the sky on a dark night
Shining with the light from the sun
But the sun doesn’t give life to the moon
Assuming the moon’s going to owe it one
It makes me think of how you act to me
You do favors and then rapidly
You just turn around and start asking me
About things that you want back from me
I’m sick of the tension, sick of the hunger
Sick of you acting like I owe you this
Find another place to feed your greed
While I find a place to rest


So you’re so +++ about me???


no, it wasn´t meant especially to you, lol @samuel_the_leader