I need help <ffffccc>


Life has been nothing but hell for me I tried to play it off like I was fine but I wasn’t sometimes I wish I could end this all I have only ever told two people about what I have been going though but I just can’t take it any more and I have no were left to turn expect here please I need your help


Hello hello. Talk to us. We are here for you.


Indeed. Do you have any of our personal numbers? If you don’t want to talk about whatever is bothering you here, you can drop us a PM. If you don’t have them, send me your phone number to the_termin8r@yahoo.co.uk with your area code and I’ll add you to the LPU WA chat. I know we said we’re not taking any more people, but we can make an exception. Just tell me here if you send the email as I don’t check that account.


I have always tired to pretend like every thing was okay sometimes even fooling myself I thought I have found the answer but every time I thought the dark would be over it wasn’t I try to be strong but There is only so much one person can take


Actually if your friends with pat she knows everything same as Charles


I’ve got Pat’s. Do you want me to ask her to add you to the group?


Are you sure last we talked she said there was no room to add any one and I respect that


This is a special case. We had someone leave the other week as well. I’ll ask her to add you.

EDIT: Sent her a message.


Dear @StephLP18 I’m sure everything will be fixed soon! glad you had the courage to post here… we’ll never let you alone!! be strong!! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :hugs:


I guess it seems more of a personal matter. As @the_termin8r rightly pointed out, maybe you should join the group and vent out your feelings for a change. Sometimes, people who don’t judge are the best. Well, they are always the best.


No offnes but I don’t want to tell my story just to anyone because I get deep


That’s perfectly fine, but it’s still good to have people to talk to in general.


Well, you dont need to go into the details. Venting can be generic too. You already know @theearlywalker. You may want to discuss in depth with her, if needed.
Or we can distract you here, with stuff until you feel better.


Thanks guys and I made a promise to pat if I ever fell like this reach out before you act so that’s what I did


Of course!!you can let the demons defeat you!! absolutely you can’t!!


Good to see that @theearlywalker is a smart :cookie:.
And now you have to make the same promise to all of us too.
We need all of us.


Hey Steph! Glad you reached out. Just wanted to say, you are still young and you still have the potential to make life what you want it to be. It’s never too late for that. Keep fighting, because even though it doesn’t feel like it now, things will get better. Life is full of ups and downs. In the mean time, sending you loads of strength


Thank you guys for all your support


You have to download WA @StephLP18


Hold on, friend :heart:️ you are loved, always. I hope you’ll get better soon :pray: