I need help <ffffccc>


Hey, you still have so much left in you. Try to see the bright side, no matter what! It’s always worth it and you matter!


Sending you strength Stephanie. :muscle::muscle::muscle: You’re not alone. You’re life is worth living, just try to focus on the little good things in life, like all the colors you can see around you. When you’re cold, enjoy the heat you get from a blanket. When you are out, look at every little beautiful things you can see, like flowers, birds, sky… You can do it. :hugs:


Thank guys very much it means a lot to me to have a caring family supporting me


Or try some people watching. It’s quite entertaining actually, it lets you see things you don’t normally pick up on.


I think I will try them both


There is a technique called grounding. So when things get a lot (works best on anxiety) try engaging your senses. So focus on the sounds you hear, a taste (eat a mint or something), feel textures (of a blanket, pencil, etc), sights you see around you and smell (again, you can make do with anything- perfume, etc. Doesn’t have to be 100% pleasant) . Similar to what @Lilyope said. This doesn’t work for everyone and I am not a professional. But this might help. Coloring books have also been said to calm the mind. Sudoku or anything that can distract. Stretching, running also releases endorphins that might help. Again, not a professional, but hoping some of this helps. As always, sending you strength


@AJ_7 , I’m disappointed. How can you mention distractions and then not mention Lego? :stuck_out_tongue: But on a serious note, @StephLP18 if you have any Lego, break it out, it’s a really good way to distract yourself. You don’t have to build a masterpiece or anything, just get your hands working.


Agreed with both posts above!! I said it before and repeat myself (lol), doing the Lego Digital is really relaxing to me! Put the bricks one by one even in digital is a good way to calm yourself! :star_struck:


Ahh yess! I agree! I am ashamed of myself too for forgetting it :joy:. Lego is the best distraction. And once you finish building the sets try and come up with new ways to use the same pieces for something else. Also you play guitar, music is a form of therapy and writing is good too (I know you already do both). Also making a diary and figuring out when you feel the worst might help identify what triggers those feelings. As I get more ideas I’ll keep posting them on here


LDD isn’t bad either if you have no physical Lego, just takes a bit of practice.


I prefer the real legos though I have a set in my room too


@StephLP18 I am sorry I didn’t see your post until now… I have terrible depression and anxiety. I have learned that you need to take life one second at a time… I think about life too far into the future (that what if’s)… This causes too much depression and anxiety. What helps me is to scale my thoughts back… Also, I have been using essential oils like Peppermint… Put a little in the back of your neck and under your nose. It cools your body down. Lots of doctors prescribe essential oil patches now. Maybe they will be covered by insurance. People are there to help you. Prayers


thank you for your advice
And i am doing better now thanks to the family here

And i haven’t seen you before are you new. @joy29


Hi Steph,

Yes, new to this site. You feel free to message me anytime… I am a Paralegal and work from home… You are loved… Just don’t forget that!


Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to the LPU


Welcome @joy29 ! :smile: :sun_with_face:


I discovered this today. Hope all going well with your side @StephLP18 . Didn’t even see in on the discord. Much love and strength :blush::heart::heart::hugs:

And sorry for late but welcome @joy29 :blush: