I need help with my account and a M &G


Hey guys,
I got the trial membership one week ago. As I now realized there is a M&G for the concert in hockenheim. As I really want to meet the LP guys I now got a real membership so I could have a chance for the M&G, but but trial membership is still active til the end of august. How can I get a chance for the M&G?
Please help me, don’t want to miss the chance!
Thanks a lot


Go to the contests page, find the show you are attending and RSVP for the m&g. You shouldn’t have a problem doing so since you got a membership, I don’t believe it will interfere with your trial one. If it does, email Lorenzo or Lulu and let them know so they can help you.


Hey, thanks a lot, found it and done :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!


hi, i want to do it for Rome do i am still in time ???


Not sure but I think you have a couple of days left. Check on the contests page.


can you give me the link please ??


Seems like you have one day left http://linkinpark.com/contests/6501


Done but i can’t go in the link Why ??


Are you a LPU member? If you’re not then you don’t have access to m&gs.


You seem to have a regular account as Evo said. That restricts access from any LPU features unfortunately.


yessss today !!!


If by that you’re implying that you’ve made one today then it might not be active yet as your profile doesn’t say that you are an LPU member.


Just go to back to the site, press on LPU>Contests and scroll down till you find the Rome one. You should be able to do so just fine since you are a LPU member (a full member, not a trial one btw).


Hi i’m the father of Francy, everything thing is ok, my son was too exaited to be a member ahaha.
I have Done the M&G and the Photo contest.
But i will like too know how to contact somewone for the Rome concert i need a Big favor.
It is a delicate situation about the health of my son.
I wrote to Lorenzo, to LPU , no response.
Can you please give a contact.


Tweet Lorenzo (@lorenzoerr), he is currently on tour with the band, I’m sure he’ll be able to help but make sure to email them (him and Lulu) at lpuhq@lpunderground.com too. Keep in mind though that they will try to help you as long as your son is selected for any of the contests he RSVPed to. If not, it’s up to the venue’s staff to deal with everything else.


Wow … thanks EvoOba you are very fast for response, I have done all. Twitter email facebook… nobody response … :(((


They are busy, plus it is the middle of the night in LA. as for Lorenzo, since he is on tour, he has a million other things to worry about so it might take him a while to check his mails and twitter (given that they probably have internet access only at their hotels and the venue). Just give them some time :wink: