I need help with my Post Concert Depression!


It’s been three days since the concert (Birmingham, UK) and I still could not get over it.

I’ve been so emotional and was crying! :tired_face: I know it may sound ridiculous to some, or most people, but it happens.

And I need somebody to talk to! :sob::sob::sob: And I could not talk my friends who are also Soldiers (who are back home in the Philippines or have moved to other countries as well) because I don’t want them to know yet that I’ve been to a Linkin Park concert!

And I was also one of the few lucky ones who were chosen for the Meet and Greet! I was shaking as I held my OML vinyl while they signed.

The concert was so good as well! Invisible made me cry I don’t know why.

I got home and cried in bed all night!

And at work I can’t focus! I can’t get them out of my head and their songs are playing in my mind on repeat!

I would say random stuff like “Mike why are you so perfect I hate you” and my colleagues would look at me like :anguished:.

Has anyone ever experienced the same?

I can’t cope! Please help! :sob::sob::sob:


EXACTLY the same. Last week was the best week of my life and it feels like a peak in my life. The peak happiness can only be followed by a low though. Being back to normality and working is really hard…


Wow, I don’t know who’s broken here, me or you lot? 3/7/17 can almost be called a fading memory in my case. It happened, I enjoyed it, I moved on.


I have been the same as well from Thursday night and it feels like for me to put on the setlist again and repeat the concert. Well, it still doesn’t help that Chester blew a kiss to me during Waiting For The End and that made me so emotional. I kept having flashbacks on Friday while watching the videos I got from my phone. I started crying again and watching the tribute that Chester made made me cry even more.

I’m missing them already and I want to see them again soon, with a meet and greet.


Almost everyone gets PCD. It gets easier the more you attend concerts though… at least that’s what happened to me.

This time I only cried a bit cause I realised that one of my biggest dreams had become reality, happy tears. Now, moving on, looking back at the memories and waiting for next time :slight_smile:


This thread has me completely baffled.


At least you managed to go to the show. I am about to get pre concert depression. I have VIP package tickets booked for the Florida show in August, with stage tour and seats near the front etc. This is all I have been taking about since I booked it in May. I’ve just been diagnosed with a serious illness which has come out of no where, so it looks like I’m not even going to be able to go- totally gutted.


I feel your pain guys. Last week I had the whole week off work and saw them live 3 times and with the meet and greet, and then spent rest of weekend visiting my sister having fun and now back to work and just feel flat. I feel I’m being overly emo about it, but I really miss last week already, and keep thinking about what I was doing a week ago. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this feeling, as it looks like I’m not.

I have really good memories of last week which is great, it’s just hard when you’ve been looking forward to something for months and it feels not long ago you were booking it.

@icedgem I hope you manage to go see them in Florida :frowning: August is still a bit of time away.


I’m not really one to get post-concert depression after a show. It hurts more when I go months, (and in rare cases) almost a year in between shows.

In recent memory, it has happened before for me. In 2012 during the Honda Civic Tour, I went to my first LPU Summit, and it was awesome. That whole experience for me was more about the community of fans than it was about the band or Adam and the crew.

I’ve never really been the person that’s had too many friends, or much of a social life for that matter, and that Summit was the first time in a long fucking time I had ever spent an extended amount of (offline) time with people I’ve come to know so well over the years. It was an unbelievable experience on all sides, but that’s something I’ve also come to love about Linkin Park…they really know how to give back to the fans and the people and the community that support them.

It took a few days after the concert for the high to wear off, and I just remember waking up one morning and it hit me like a freight train,and I could not help the tears from falling, and I’m not really one to cry much.


Same! I’ve been watching live videos of them on YouTube and I don’t listen to any other artist! Just them! (I’ve been ignoring my other playlists on Spotify) :sob::sob::sob: They’re my first thoughts when I wake up and my last before I go to sleep! I’m going crazy! :sob::sob::sob:
@the_termin8r I’m a girl so I think my Moving On Phase will take longer! :sob:
@ljhowell Yesssssss I know right! Like, we’d wait for it for months (and years) and it would be over just like that, overnight. And we’d wake up and go back to our normal lives! Like work, and school! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: I’m also happy to know that I’m not the only one who’s feeling this way! Or else I’ll be convinced that I’m going crazy!
@LP13413 I feel you! When I moved to the United Kingdom, I couldn’t find friends who share the same music taste. Being around fellow Soldiers makes me feel like I belong!


What’s being a girl got to do with it?


Even if you’re a girl? Can’t easily moved on from that situation?

(Btw, are you from PH? Just asking.)


Who said?? Friend, thats what you think. But the truth is that you are stronger than you know…

Don’t say this…Instead take the inspiration and move on… :slight_smile:

Just believe that you can!! Belief makes everything possible :slight_smile:


I have also been feeling deflated since seeing them and Chester has been in a couple of my dreams! I’m feeling better today than I was a couple of days ago though. :blush:


@leannexkate thank you for posting this! I thought I was the only one! :smiley: Good to know that I’m not weird :smiley: :joy:

This year, LP were finally in Prague (after 10 years!!). I was so happy!! A whole week after the concert I was crying like a baby :smile:

And it was a mix of happy and sad tears. Happy because my dream after 17 years came true and the concert was unbelievable, fantastic, unreal, so much more than I expected :heart::cupid: My dream came true with 100% bonus :slight_smile:

And sad because I knew it was over. I wanted to go to all of their concerts in the world (but my husband will not let me :slight_smile:) . Every time when I heard Talking to Myself and that Chester’s “Lift me up, let me go” part in The Catalyst, my face was like :sob: :sob: :sob:.

I always liked The Catalyst before, but never SO much!! Live, that part’s got so much power!! Like many of their songs! Suddenly, after the concert, my taste in their music changed completely. I always loved Crawling and their first albums - HT and Meteora, because that was the first I’ve heard from them and I have good memories of that time. And I liked new things and many of the new songs were my favourite, but the more “rocky” ones, like Blackout and Wretches and Kings. Don’t get me wrong, I love all their music, but the new, slower things… I like them but I always searched for the more heavy ones.

But suddenly, for example, I started to LOVE the whole Thousand Suns album. Songs like Iridiscent, Burning in the Skies and When they Come for Me are my favourite now. And the new album, One More Light, oh I love it to the bones, 200% more than before. In fact, I feel that I finally identified myself with all their music, completely and boundlessly. This is all Linkin Park.

Up to this day I’m breaking up every time Chester sings or screams, what he does with his voice is just unbelievable.

And like you, since the concert, I can’t stop listening to their music. I thought I was crazy, but now I see I’m not the only one :sweat_smile:
I also remember that I couldn’t concentrate in my work, I even neglected my husband. And I think that I talk about them too much since then, because he is already angry with it - though he has a good stamina :joy:

Anyways I’m happy that I can share this with you guys, because I can’t talk to anyone else about it, even though I want to scream it to the world: “LP is the best”! But they wouldn’t understand :slight_smile:

@LP13413: Same here. It’s amazing what impact their music has on people, right? :slight_smile:


OMG I just started to cry again!!! :sob::joy:
And I thought I was over it, it’s a month already!


Glad you enjoyed yours, mine was a week ago and I’m still having flashbacks! :+1::heart:️:metal::sunglasses:


Sorry, I’m not helping… Today I booked a trip fron Switzerland to Vegas just for the concert :smile: Crazy? Noooooo!! Post concert depression!! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll thinking of everyone of you :wink:


Definitely, the Swiss alps are far more interesting to me than an LP concert. I speak from experience. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you see them all day, nothing special anymore. You know - nice to have… Don’t get me wrong I lovge the mountains but just with snow on it and my Snowboard under my feet :wink: