I NEED TO MEET LINKIN PARK (well, my husband does)


I bought tickets for your show in Bristow, Virginia. My husband is OBSESSED and I was disappointment I could not afford tickets to meet the band. You guys got my husband through some dark times in highschool and he would absolutely freak if he could have the chance of meeting you! I’ve tried absolutely everything and although no one probably reads this, I had to at least try. Please make my husbands dream come true and his birthday unforgettable! (The show is a week before his 29th)


When your show appears on the Contests page, enter the meet and greet pool and hope you get lucky.


To add to that, make sure you have an LPU membership, which if you bought the new album from the Linkin Park website, you got for free, and that when you sign up for the Meet & Greet, you sign him up, not yourself, because I believe they are non-transferable


Also, you can’t bring a friend along with you! So make sure you enter for yourself and then he enters also! @jorgie