I need your help fellow LPUers!


Hi fellow LPU members! - I need your help!

Linkin Park have given permission to make an official Linkin Park group for my country Denmark! The owner of this new group has released information about a contest, and the rules are simple: Make the best Linkin Park playlist on Spotify. But there’s a catch! It can only contain 20 songs one of them being Burn It Down.

So here’s the deal. I made a playlist that i think describes Linkin Park very good. The playlist is as follows:

There are tracks from every official album + Collision Course etc. I really think this is the best playlist, and i put many thoughts behind the selection of every song, so if you think that the playlist describes Linkin Park good, please go in and subscribe on the playlist, because the number of subscribes is the number of votes in this contest, and the most votes wins, simply.

I hope you will help me out, as i really wanna win this contest.
Feel free to leave a comment if you subscribed, or if you have any questions. And of course, I will update you with the results on the contest, which ends the 28th of May.

Thank you in advance! .)