I sing in a band similar to LP called "Ten Stories" [Story/SoundCloud Link to EP]


(I posted a blog about this but couldn’t use every word so I’m posting it here as well haha)

Hey Soldiers! :smiley: its been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been extremely busy lately because of school, work, and more excitingly…

…I recently was recruited to join a band made up of one my co-worker’s boyfriend and a few of his friends to be the lead vocalist! (Kinda like how Chester was recruited to sing for Xero :P)

I got attention by posting videos on my Instagram of myself singing various Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars songs; before I started posting those I had 40 followers, but within a month of the first cover I released, I had over 100 followers! Now I have over 400!!! :open_mouth:
(you can check the covers out here if you’re curious :P)

After I posted a cover of the chorus from “Leave Out All the Rest”, my co worker texted me and asked if I wanted to sing in a band with her boyfriend and his friends; she had shown her boyfriend the cover and she said he was blown away and couldn’t stop talking about it. I thought about the offer for a while and then agreed to join the band!

I met up with two of the band members (our rythm guitar player and drummer) to rehearse some of the songs we would be recording the next day. I basically learned 4 brand new songs 24 hours before recording them and also performed live for the first time since my co worker wanted to hear me cover “The Kill” by 30STM after a bunch of other kids came over to our rehearsal place. I guess I did pretty good since they all looked blown away afterwards xD

The next day, we went into the studio for 15 hours and recorded a 4 track EP. It was a lot of hard work but the results were worth it; the songs are all incredibly well polished and professional sounding. We named our band Ten Stories after brainstorming a lot of other names. Our EP consists of 4 alternative/hard rock songs with melodic singing (by me! :D), screaming (our rythm guitar player), varied guitar riffs, and fast paced drumming. The songs are really upbeat, catchy, cathartic, (lol) and even progressive at times. They’ve all got lyrics that sorta tell a “story” if you will (nice coincidence; we didnt think of that when we named the band xD)

Basically, if you like Linkin Park (which if you dont, why are you in the LPU!? xD), you will absolutely LOVE our EP! My singing voice naturally sounds similar to Chester’s; a few of my friends have told me that their parents/siblings thought they were listening to The Hunting Party when they [my friends] were listening to our EP. Its not exactly like THP by any means, but its a similar genre/sound :slight_smile:

You can check out our EP on the band’s SoundCloud:


Linkin Park gained popularity by posting on forums of similar artists, so I figured I’d try that out here on the LPU. All of you are such wonderfully friendly people and I want to share our music with you and help get our name out there so we can share our music with even more people! If you enjoy our music, please take the time to leave a comment on this post or on the songs themselves on SoundCloud, and tell your friends! Spread the word, help us get ourselves out there so we can share our music with as many people as possible! :smiley:

Thanks Soldiers xoxo

-Karl [smile]

What´s about soundcloud? LPU Group?

I listened to Dying World and I thought it sounded pretty good. I’ll give the others a shot when I have a chance!


will go to listen,


These are great. I only have one piece of helpful criticism: I know this is only an EP, but the clarity of the records was a bit off. If you increase the clarity during mixing it would sound better. Otherwise a great EP. :grinning:

“The beautiful death of everything” - Dying world. I love that line.


Liked it a lot. I would say, the tracks reminded me more of Chevelle and Disturbed, than LP. You’ve got your clear voice. Keep playing. I would gladly download those to my mp3.


I still listen to these guys. Didn’t think I’d like it that much.